Departing for Zululand, Africa and Barrow, Alaksa May 2023

The time has come yet again, and very shortly, I am piling into the car, camera bags and luggage in hand and making for Melbourne Airport to begin the journey to South Africa (via Dubai). I will be on and offline over the next month and will do my best to squeeze in some blog posts and podcasts when possible. I am keen to return to Zululand in South Africa for the incredible wildlife and am super excited for my first trip to Barrow for Arctic birds at the top of Alaska. The first stop is Dubai for a five-hour layover and then direct to Durban in South Africa. A few days to get over jetlag and then a short plane hope to the game reserve for my ground-level masterclass wildlife workshop. Only limited places now remain on next year’s 2024 trip – please just email me for further details. See you in Africa! (Please see the Wild Nature Photography Podcast Number #74 for Equipment packing).

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