May 2023 – New Canon RF Super Teleconverter Coming Soon

Rumours are generally not something I partake in. In this instance, I have it on pretty good authority that Canon will release a brand new teleconverter for the RF lens system later this year or early next year. The new teleconverter will be announced alongside the Canon RF 200-500mm F4L IS USM lens (expected 4th quarter of this year). The new teleconverter will have a zoom capability set to 0X, 1.4X and 2X. This will be a game changer for big white lenses with a huge increase in flexibility and capability. In combination with the new 200-500mm RF F4L IS USM, it will provide a range of focal options from 200mm all the way to 500mm, 700mm and 1000mm – that is an incredible range for one large lens, even with a 400mm F2.8L RF IS USM it will provide options from 400mm to 540mm to 800mm – again, a huge increase in flexibility and a must-have for wildlife photographers. It is doubtful the teleconverter will be compatible with Canon’s existing 100-500mm RF lens. The teleconverter will likely be priced between $1000 and USD 2000 MSRP.

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