New Mac Pro Tower of Power Arrival

A few weeks ago I blogged that I took the plunge and ordered a brand new 16-Core Xeon Mac Pro for my still and video editing requirements. I noted at the time I would delve more in depth into my thought process for the purchase as well as discuss my reasoning for the final specification I chose. Since we are all pretty much stuck at home at the moment and since it has been more than a few years since my last unboxing video (the Canon 200-400mm f4L IS Lens) I felt it high time for another unboxing video and a vlog discussion on the new Mac Pro. Enjoy.



New Director of the AIPP Australian Institute of Professional Photography

A few days ago I received the exciting news that I have been made a director of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) . I have been a member of the AIPP (Master of Photography with two gold bars and 4 silver service bars) for almost a decade now and am both thrilled and honoured to have been asked to join the board of Directors. These are challenging times for the institute I am looking forward to working with the board to secure the future of the AIPP going forward. The position was formally announced via video below. If you don’t want to watch the entire message for April / May just skip forward to 12:15 for the announcement.

How to Set the Color Settings Correctly in Photoshop Creative Cloud

Something I have been meaning to put together for ages (and I now have the time in self isolation) is a short video that shows exactly how to set the color settings correctly in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud for digital photographers to ensure they are taking advantage of the largest possible color space (Pro Photo RGB).  Knowing how to set the color settings correctly in Photoshop is one of the very cornerstones of color management and also one of the least understood. These settings will also ensure you are protecting yourself (or at least making yourself aware) of any potential color space mismatches from photographs you are working with in Photoshop.

Ghosts of the Arctic Directors Cut 2020

Today I am releasing a small re-edit (Directors Cut) of my Ghosts of the Arctic short movie (with thanks to Abraham Joffe and Untitled Film Works). In the original cut we had included some audio that incorrectly identified the polar bears as a mother and a cub, where as the are actually a large male and female. At the time of filming I was so excited to have such a wonderful encounter that I made the identification mistake. This error has been corrected in this final revised cut.

When it Goes Wrong – East Coast of Greenland in Winter

Just for fun, here is some Go-Pro footage of a snow mobile roll over from my East-Greenland expedition to photograph Polar Bears in winter in March 2020 (Read the Trip Report).  Weather conditions had deteriorated extremely rapidly with very poor visibility and I took a wrong turn  (very easy to do) into a deep, snow filled ravine and did not see the rising snow bank on my right hand side. By the time I realised I was on a steepening slope the snow mobile was already rolling over. Thankfully, it did end well and I was able to right the machine with some man handling and get back to our cabin.