Tasmania – Tour of the East Coast

After returning from two weeks in the South Island of New Zealand in July and catching up with all the work that had mounted up in the office I had the itch to get back out there into the wilderness for some more landscape photography – this time a bit more of a family trip. So I booked a quick ten day trip to Tasmania with the family; piled the wife and kids onto the plane and put myself and the car on the boat. The idea being to pick up the wife and kids at the airport in Hobart and spend the next ten days exploring the East Coast of Tasmania. This was I think my eighth trip to Tasmania and it most certainly will not be my last. We had a great time and I even managed to squeeze in some photography. This photograph being one of my favourites from the trip. Taken at the Bay of Fires at sunrise. 

3 thoughts on “Tasmania – Tour of the East Coast

  1. You can click on each photograph to get the camera settings that were used to take the shot. In this case it was shot at ISO 100 F11 13 Seconds with a 3 stop Hard Neutral Density Filter. The photograph was taken seconds before sunrise. – Cheers.


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