New Zealand – Mount Tasman

With an elevation of more than eleven thousand four hundred and seventy feet Mount Tasman is the second highest peak in New Zealand. It sits proud in the southern alps, nestled next to its larger and more famous brother – Mount Cook. This photograph was taken by helicopter over the Fox Glacier in New Zealand’s South Island about half an hour before sunset. Together with my local New Zealand guide and fellow landscape photographer from Texas we chartered a small mountain helicopter to get us up close and personal with Fox Glacier and the Southern Alps. We had the pilot remove the doors from the helicopter and strap us into harness’s so we could freely photograph without plexi-glass in front of the camera lens. Strapped into the helicopter we were then able to photograph the amazing mountains and ice formations that are part of New Zealand’s spectacular Southern Alps. This photograph was taken at an altitude of approximately eleven thousand feet with an ambient air temperature of -14 degrees celsius. Despite wearing multiple thermal layers, hats and gloves we were still numbed to the bone after just over an hours photography in the frigid mountain air.

Aerial photography as it turns out can be very addictive and we found ourselves chartering the same helicopter and pilot the very next morning for another ‘doors off’ photography session over some of the Fox Glacier’s Seracs and Crevaces. I hope to post more photographs from this remarkable trip as time permits.

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