Iceland Dispatch #1 – Still Travelling

Iceland is a long way from my home town of Melbourne Australia. Its no less than three international planes, several multi-hour transfers totalling more than thirty hours (since I walked out my front door) of non stop travel across the pond. ‘Non stop’ being the operative phrase. The first leg of the journey from Melbourne to Doha with Qatar airways was about as enjoyable and relaxing as airline travel can be – the large sky beds in business class are comfortable and the multi-course dinner and glass or three of red wine go a long way to making the whole experience ‘almost’ enjoyable . Likewise the flight from Doha to Heathrow London was equally comfortable. The changeover in Doha was a little over an hour and no more or less painful than any international travel change – Doha is a new passport tick for me (if you consider an hour in the airport a visit). I have to hand it to Qatar airways; their business class food and service was outstanding – the best I have experienced. Their business airport lounge in Doha is equally impressive – well above the Qantas / Australian standard.

As I write this I am in Heathrow enjoying *cough* a seven and a half hour layover before my flight to Keflavik airport in Iceland. All I can say is thank god for priority pass airport lounges, wireless internet and more alcohol.

Fire in the Sky over Doha

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