Iceland Dispatch #2 – Reykjavik

I arrived in Iceland just before midnight this evening after a long tiring journey from Melbourne Australia. I hope to catch up on a little sleep (as soon as I finish this update) at my hotel; which is very nice (The Hotel Odinsve). I have a full day in the capital of Reykjavik tomorrow to take in the local sites and get accustomed to the city, climate, people, food and location in general. I have booked on a Midnight Sun Whale Tour tomorrow evening evening with the hope of getting some whale photographs during the perpetual golden light that is the midnight sun in Iceland. There are reports of Minke whales and dolphins from recent outings so I have my fingers crossed for some sightings. As I write this its just gone midnight and even though its cloudy its light enough outside to read a newspaper – I think I am already in love with the midnight Sun. Now its time to catch up on sleep, put the rigours of international air travel behind me, relax and get in a creative frame of mind.

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