‘Thanks’ Virgin Blue. I got up at 4am this morning and logged onto the Virgin website to see if my flight to New Zealand had been affected by the volcanic ash cloud that has been hovering around Australia and New Zealand disrupting air travel. I have been keeping an eye on it over the last few days as my trip was drawing closer and there was no mention of cancelling the flight. At 4am this morning and again at 6am all systems were go and green – at least according to Virgin’s Website. So bags in tow I drove to the airport (a one hour drive) expecting to fly out this morning only to find on arrival at the airport that the flight had been cancelled at 3am and Virgin had failed to update their website or alert their customers to the cancellation. To add insult to injury the best Virgin can now do is to book me onto what I am told is the next available flight; which does not leave until Saturday.

All Systems Go According to Virgins Website at 6am

I don’t mind that the flight has been cancelled, I understand the safety implications of flying through volcanic ash. What I object to is the complete lack of communication by Virgin – its pathetic in this day and age of the internet, social media, mobile phones etc. that an airline cannot alert its passengers to cancellations or delays.

I am currently sitting at the Lounge at Melbourne Airport trying to get onto another flight to Christchurch; but its not looking good. Everything is either cancelled or fully booked (and about to be cancelled). Volcanic ash strikes again… This could be a very short trip indeed.

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