Iceland Winter Workshop Complete – Heading North in Search of Foxes…

Daniel Bergmann and I have just completed our annual winter workshop in Iceland and are now back in the capital city of Reykjavik. This quick post is not intended to be a full debrief report from the trip as that will come later once I have more time and a chance to sit down and write up the details of our trip. In the meantime I am headed north west tomorrow to the seaside town of Ísafjörður on a short internal flight where I am meeting up with a film crew to spend a week photographing Arctic Foxes in the extreme north in Hornvik. Hornvik is located in the remote Hornstrandir nature reserve in the Westfjords of Iceland. The area is situated between the precipices Hornbjarg in the east and Haelavikurbjarg in the west.  The nearest cove further east is Latravik with the lighthouse, and to the west is Haelavik. This part of Iceland is very remote and completely inaccessible in winter or summer by car or 4-wheel drive so our only chance to get there is with a weather window by chartered boat. No people have lived there permanently since approximately the 1940’s so it is necessary to take absolutely everything with us for our stay in this area – including food, fuel and emergency e-perbs. Hornvik is the ideal place to find Arctic Foxes and my hope is to spend a week photographing them in their winter coats around their dens in the snow. The image below of an Arctic Fox was made last summer in Svalbard.

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