Arrived in Africa – Completing the Seven Continents

It certainly feels very strange to be trading the deep freeze of an Iceland winter for the heat of the world’s oldest deserts and as I boarded the Air Namibia flight in Frankfurt I did take a second and think to myself about that less than comfortable moment of instant acclimatisation when one steps out of an air conditioned aircraft and is greeted by an oppressive wall of hot desert air. I really do prefer the cold climate of the world’s polar regions. Nevertheless I have made it to Namibia and its fantastic to be in Africa. This is my first visit to Africa and it marks a personal milestone and goal of visiting all seven of the world’s continents by the age of forty (Africa was the last continent for me). The irony for me is that I have visited most of the rest of the continents many times and that it was only a decision to run two joint photographic workshops to Namibia with my friend Andy Biggs that finally drew me to the dark continent. Now that I am finally here I am very keen to make the most of the opportunity and put some serious time into desert photography.

Andy and I are keen to get underway tomorrow on our first Namibia workshop. I admit to feeling a real sense of adventure for the coming trip as the locations we are visiting are all new to me and I relish the chance to photograph them with fresh eyes. Our workshop is of an overland nature and we are travelling in 4-wheel drives between our accommodations and shooting locations so there will be lots of opportunities to stop and photograph along the way. Internet access is likely to be somewhat sporadic over the next few weeks but I do hope to post an image or two from our travels if time and availability permit. For now, I have traded the Arctic clothing for a pair of light weight trekking pants, sun shirt and hat and it’s time to start exploring.

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