Yellowstone Winter Wonderland Photography Experience 2015 – SOLD OUT

Over the last few months I have been planning a new photographic trip to Yellowstone National Park in Winter in February 2015 of next year. The intention of this trip is to spend ten days photographing the geothermal landscapes of Yellowstone as well as any wildlife we may encounter during the winter time. We hope to encounter Bison, Elk, Wolves and Fox but as wildlife is always an unknown we shall see what we find and encounter. Yellowstone is a major tourist attraction in the USA which means it attracts millions of visitors a year during the summer months. Of far greater interest to me photographically speaking is the freezing cold and peaceful winter time. During the winter months the temperature can plummet as low as -40 Celsius, the landscape becomes blanketed in snow and there are far less tourists. The chance to create really beautiful and dramatic winter landscape and wildlife images is our draw card this time of year.

Of course winter photography in Yellowstone is nothing new and photographers have been braving the cold at the site of this slumbering super volcano for years.  We hope to make some iconic images of some of the more well known features, but also venture further afield. We will be using a large private snow-coach so that we can get off the main road and move around the park to some of the better, but harder to reach areas for photography. During our trip we will be utilising accommodation both in and around Yellowstone National Park. We will also be visiting the Grand Tetons and National Elk Refuge. We have a local professional guide for the duration of the trip that specialises in Yellowstone and in capturing some its more elusive wildlife on video. With their expertise we have high hopes of some incredible wildlife encounters during our time in the park. I was planning to open the trip for bookings here on my blog a week or so ago, but due to the initial email responses from those who had previously expressed an interest the trip is already sold out (sold out in just twenty minutes). It is too early for me say if I will be repeating this trip again in 2016 and beyond but if you were one of those who missed out on 2015 I will be contacting you with first option on any future trip into Yellowstone.Yellowstone Sold Out

A small teaser and heads up for those of you who scrolled down : I will shortly be announcing another new workshop to the Lofoten Islands in Winter in March 2016 that will follow on directly from my Iceland Winter workshop (trip still to be announced). If you would like to get the drop on this new winter trip then please just drop me an email with your expression of interest and I will let you know as soon as I am ready to start taking bookings.

October Photograph of the Month: Ominous Skies in Greenland

I have been late for the last two months (as I have been on the road) updating my photograph of the month, so I am trying to stay ahead of the curve this month and post early. This photograph was taken on my recent Greenland expedition (a trip report is in the works) from zodiac of a large iceberg off the Greenland coast. This is the first image I have processed from this expedition since I returned. With over 3000 images shot on this expedition alone the process of editing is tedious and laborious. I like to do a quick first pass and grab an image or two that really jumps out at me – in this instance this wonderful iceberg juxtaposed against the dark skies is very evocative for me of what the conditions can be like in the Arctic. These kind of dark and ominous overcast conditions are actually my preferred choice for photographing icebergs. Greenland Iceberg

f11 Magazine – Issue# 37 Cover Photograph and Feature Article ‘Devoured by the Desert’

The latest issue, No #37 of f11 Magazine ‘For Photographers and Aficionados’ has just been released and features an article and portfolio of photographs of mine from Namibia in Africa as well as some of the winning photographs from this years Australian Professional Photography Awards.

f11 has quickly become one of the most highly regarded digitally published contemporary photography magazines in the marketplace and I am extremely pleased that this is the second time I have had a portfolio of my photography featured in the magazine. It is also the second time one of my photographs has made the cover. You can read the previous article ‘Dawn till Dusk’ in Issue #4. When it comes to magazines, the cover shot is always the crown jewel and its a great honour to be able to call this issue my own for the second time. You can read f11 online or download a PDF copy free of charge from the f11 website. You can also click on the image below for a PDF extract.f11-CoverFrom the f11 Website: f11 is a FREE digital magazine. Presented in a page flip format, the magazine is published eleven times each year. Read by tens of thousands all over the world, f11 is for professional and enthusiast photographers, designers and creative people working with images, as well as buyers and collectors of photography. Each issue is also available for download as a PDF file. Did I mention its FREE?