Capture Magazine the Annual 2014 Features Epic Sense of Scale

I am fortunate to be enjoying a few days down time in Ushuaia at the bottom of South America at the moment before I head back down to Antarctica for one more expedition before Christmas. I have been catching up on a plethora of email and web correspondence as well as enjoying some good coffee at my favourite South American cafe: ‘Ramos’ (and letting my legs recover after a weeks hiking in Patagonia – more to come on Patagonia at a later date). If you ever find yourself in Ushuaia be sure to stop in at Ramos – the rustic charm is as as inviting as the coffee aroma.

Whilst I was in Patagonia the annual edition Capture magazine was released and I was pleased to subsequently find one of my photographs ‘An Epic Sense of Scale‘ was featured. This is the third year in a row I have been fortunate to have some of my photography featured in the annual and it is always a pleasant surprise to flick through a magazine and see your work in print.Capture2014Annual

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