January Photo of the Month – Maelstrom

My first photograph of the month for 2015 is an image I titled ‘Maelstrom’ of a large tubular iceberg on the edge of the Weddell sea in Antarctica. It was photographed from the fly bridge of the expedition ship in howling katabatibc winds – probably the strongest winds I have experienced to date in Antarctica (just standing on the deck without holding on was all but impossible). The winds (in excess of 50 knots I was told by the Captain) were whipping the fresh snow off the top of the iceberg like a vapour trail. There are a combination of factors in this photograph that really work for me, but its the drama that sets it alight and really makes it sing. I have been fortunate to photograph a great many icebergs over the last few years and it is the images that were shot in dramatic weather that really stand out for me.  They are far more evocative than images of icebergs under blue skies or in fine weather.Maelstrom

Don’t forget! You can win a free 13″ x 19″ Fine Art Print of this photograph including shipping anywhere in the world. All you need do is to be the first to comment on this post on the home page with your thoughts on why you like this photograph or why you would like to own a print of the image and then share the post with your preferred social media outlet.

13 thoughts on “January Photo of the Month – Maelstrom

  1. I know I won’t be the first, but what really impresses me is the layering of the different levels in the berg. I image the history stored in these layers over thousands of years and wonder what had transpired in the world during each of these layers. The movement of the snow blowing off the top of the berg is in such contrast to the timeless movement of the berg.
    Great colour and great photo, I wish I cold learn directly from you.
    Thanks for sharing such a great story.


  2. I’d love to win the print. Antarctica is my dream location – my final continent to visit and will be the reason for lots of saving over the next few years!


    1. Hi Susan, 2nd place! No print this time .. but thank you for replying.. next opportunity is the February photo of the month. Cheers!


  3. What a fabulous photo! I’m seeing it now as I sit in my hotel room in Punta Arenas, having just been told we’re confirmed for our departure to Antarctica at 3:30am tomorrow morning. Words can’t describe the excitement I’m feeling! I came across your blog and photos of Antarctica recently while planning for our trip and you’ve been a massive inspiration. One day I hope to do another trip to Antarctica with you.


  4. Oh how wonderful it would be to have a print like this! I know I will never get there in person, I would be able to escape to this amazing landscape looking at it 🙂 Beautiful.


  5. I really quite enjoy all of your work. I first discovered you on Flipboard via Nat Geo’s photo of the day. As with pretty much most of your photos involving ice, I’m attracted to the tone and mood. The ice especially somehow really pops out and catches my eye. Once I finish school, a trip to antarctica is definitely on my bucket list!


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