January Photo of the Month Winner: Fred Jennings

Congratulations to the first print winner ‘Fred Jennings’, for the photograph of the month for January 2015: ‘Maelstrom’

What Fred said: I know I won’t be the first, but what really impresses me is the layering of the different levels in the berg. I image the history stored in these layers over thousands of years and wonder what had transpired in the world during each of these layers. The movement of the snow blowing off the top of the berg is in such contrast to the timeless movement of the berg.

Great colour and great photo, I wish I cold learn directly from you. Thanks for sharing such a great story.IMG_3519

Congratulations Fred, you were the first, and your print will be sent to you next week.

Keep an eye out on my blog for the next print giveaway with the February photograph of the month. Remember the best way to get instant updates is to subscribe via email.

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