Nature’s Best Photography Highly Honoured – Polar Experience Video

2015 has arrived with a bang and I am very excited to announce that the short film – A Polar Photography Expedition Experience, that I produced last year with Untitled Film Works has been Highly Honoured as a finalist in the most recent Nature’s Best Photography Awards. Video is a new category for the Nature’s Best Photography Awards and it is a fantastic thrill to have been highly honoured as a first time entrant into this new category. Untitled Film Works will be joining me again this year on my Kingdom of the Ice Bear expedition to produce a new video of our experiences as we photograph the king of the Arctic – the Polar Bear. Look for the new video toward the end of this year. You can watch the highly honoured Polar Photography Expedition Experience video by clicking on the image below.arcticvideo

2 thoughts on “Nature’s Best Photography Highly Honoured – Polar Experience Video

  1. Truly awesome experience. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and don’t like the our cold winters, BUT, this is something I would truly enjoy seeing! Incredible presentation! Magnificent video and photographs! Left me wanting to see more. Added to the bucket list! Thank you!


  2. Josh, this film is excellent and certainly gives the viewer a taster of what to expect if they were to visit. The music adds to the wonderful footage and helps to produce something truly inspirational. I can certainly see why you love the region mate 🙂


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