Baby Elephant Seal Play Time in South Georgia

One of the most fantastic experiences you can have during a Nature photography expedition is getting close to wildlife. Close encounters with wild animals are always special and can yield wonderful photographs. During the recent twenty one day expedition I lead to South Georgia Island and Antarctica we were fortunate to have some wonderful close encounters with wildlife. One of the most memorable was with a baby Elephant Seal at Grytviken Harbour in South Georgia.  This very curious and inquisitive baby seal decided it would be good fun to play in the shallows and kiss the underwater camera. Just click on the image below to play the video.Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 7.47.12 pmIt is important to note that this seal approached us on its own and was in no way stressed or harmed – it was merely curious. In fact, during our time in Antarctica we had several participants who even had curious baby seals approach them and try to climb up onto them whilst they were lying down and taking photographs. Baby seals are often very curious and its  quite common for them to not only approach well within five metres but also to touch, push and play with people. We always respect wildlife and boundaries to the wildlife and enjoy these special moments when the wildlife decides to come to us and investigate.

The underwater housing featured in this short video and that was used to make this photograph is an Aquatech Delphin 1DX housing with underwater dome port.Baby Elephant Seal

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