Svalbard in Winter – The Deep Freeze of an Arctic Winter

I arrived in Longyearbyen a few hours ago where the temperature is currently -5º Celsius plus a little wind chill factor. Outside the frozen mountainous landscape is covered in fresh snow and is spectacular to behold – I am looking forward to heading outside shortly to grab a few snapshots of the town in winter. It is fantastic and very exciting to be here in winter and tomorrow I will be heading north with a few friends on snow mobiles to a remote hut by the side of one of Svalbard’s spectacular glaciers on our scouting trip to photograph Polar Bears, Reindeer and landscapes under winter arctic light. For now it is time to enjoy a few feature comforts and the warmth of Basecamp whilst making final gear preparations for our departure tomorrow morning. _H9P3362-Edit-MoabSMR-RelCol32013

2 thoughts on “Svalbard in Winter – The Deep Freeze of an Arctic Winter

  1. Interesting image, Joshua. It looks as if the bear is ashamed of its bloody red face. Maybe it did not want its image taken… 🙂 I like it.

    Have fun on this new adventure.

    Over here, I am a lot more looking to seeing all the snow melting. It has been a miserable winter, 2nd position in record accumulation for february, and too cold to really enjoy the white stuff.


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