July Photo of the Month – Polar Bear Pounce – Win a Fine Art Print!

My photograph of the month for July 2015 was taken during an expedition to photograph Polar Bears this winter on the frozen Templefjord in Svalbard. The Polar Bear was both playing and hunting around this large piece of blue ice in front of the glacier as I photographed her from snow mobile. She frequently tested the ice by leaping onto it and putting full her body weight on a concentrated area to try and break through and reach the seals beneath the ice.Svalbard-9056-Edit12015If you are interested in photographing Polar Bears in the wild I will be leading an expedition in 2016 ‘Polar Bears of Svalbard‘.  Places are already extremely limited (two places only remaining) and once spoken for thats it. Both the 2015 Polar Bear expeditions are already sold out.

Don’t forget! You can win a free 13″ x 19″ Fine Art Print of this photograph including shipping anywhere in the world. All you need do is to be the first to comment on this post on the home page with your thoughts on why you like this photograph or why you would like to own a print of the image and then share the post with your preferred social media outlet.

6 thoughts on “July Photo of the Month – Polar Bear Pounce – Win a Fine Art Print!

  1. Absolutely exquisite image capturing the frivolity of animals in the wild. It is a dream of mine to photograph Polar Bears – would love to have a print of yours on my wall to remind me of that dream!


  2. I really would like a fine art print of this photo Joshua. I think this picture has a very special and sad story. I observed and photographed this polar bear a couple of times before it was killed, but they did not turn out this great.


  3. its poetry… it’s magic and it’s taken in a special location with a special animal by a special photographer! why would I not want to win an amazing print!


  4. Hi,

    Doing an expedition like this is on my dream list of to-dos. I was also earlier today thinking of the bear who got shot because of stupid, inexperienced people (not sure if this is the besr in question) after reading of a cheetah or leopard getting killed after biting a safari guide. Makes me angry and sad.

    Thank you for your images


  5. Bashful determination to reach the goal – food!
    Having been to Svalbard in October 2013 I can appreciate the beauty of the archipelago and the sometimes harsh climate that all who live there, would love to return again one day to see these lovely creatures (and many other diverse species) in candid moments like these!


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