July Photo of the Month Winner: Peta Horsten and Additional Bonus Winners!

Congratulations to the seventh print winner ‘Peta Horsten’ for the photograph of the month for July 2015: ‘Polar Bear Pounce’.

What Peta said: Absolutely exquisite image capturing the frivolity of animals in the wild. It is a dream of mine to photograph Polar Bears – would love to have a print of yours on my wall to remind me of that dream!.

There were several other comments that came in within seconds of each other and I have therefore decided to give away two additional prints to the two runners up, Frede Lamo and Hulia Boz. What Frede and Hulia said:

Frede:  I would really would like a fine art print of this photo Joshua. I think this picture has a very special and sad story. I observed and photographed this polar bear a couple of times before it was killed, but they did not turn out this great.

Hulia: Its poetry… it’s magic and it’s taken in a special location with a special animal by a special photographer! why would I not want to win an amazing print!
Congratulations Peta, Frede and Hulia, your prints will be sent to you in the next few days. Keep an eye out on my blog for the next print giveaway with the August photograph of the month. Remember the best way to get instant updates is to subscribe via email.

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