Photo of the Month September – New Zealand Trees – Win a Fine Art Print!

The photograph of the month for September 2015 was taken on the very last day of my New Zealand South Island workshop this year and was shot during absolutely torrential rain just a few minutes after sunrise. This location in the South Island is a virtual unknown to photographers and one of my favourite locations to spring on participants during a workshop. This was the first time I had been there in such heavy rain and as it turned out the rain added a wonderful moody element to the photograph. I used a long exposure so as not to freeze the rain drops and to let the whole image take on a very moody ethereal nature.NewZealand-2150-Edit12015Don’t forget! You can win a free 13″ x 19″ Fine Art Print of this photograph including shipping anywhere in the world. All you need do is to be the first to comment on this post on the home page with your thoughts on why you like this photograph or why you would like to own a print of the image and then share the post with your preferred social media outlet.

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Month September – New Zealand Trees – Win a Fine Art Print!

  1. Extreme loneliness and isolation are what came to my mind when I saw the image. Another gorgeous capture which would look good on anyone’s wall.


  2. Surreal. An example of your work that takes the recipient into a story that must be completed by their imagination. Incredible image. I would love to own this print and display it in my office


  3. Hi Joshua, your images are great!

    I like this one in particular because it’s very soothing to the eyes and senses. The soft highlights gives it a sense of calm. and it’s what really draws me in. It’d be awesome in my meditation space to draw inspiration from.


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