Global Arctic Photographer of the Year Special Guest Judge

Late last year I was fortunate to win the 2015 Global Arctic Photographer of the Year and have subsequently been invited as special Guest Judge for the 2016 Awards. The only downside to being a judge of course is that I cant enter the awards this year! That said, I am very honoured to have been asked to judge and very much looking forward to judging this years competition. The standard of work in this competition is incredibly high and in many ways is the bench mark for how high the bar is set for Nature photographers. I cant wait to see the amazing photographs entered into the 2016 competition!

The purpose of the Global Arctic Awards – 2016 contest is to show the magnificence of the diverse North and Arctic world through photography. The contestants works represent the beautiful variety of northern nature and wildlife, depict the peculiarities of the “icy” world of the Arctic, and narrate unforgettable photo stories about the culture, life and centuries-old customs of the Northern minorities . Through the prism of photographic lenses the coldest, deeply frozen Earth regions, covered with ice and snow, will appear in a new perspective.Svalbard-9725-EditGlobalArctic2016

One thought on “Global Arctic Photographer of the Year Special Guest Judge

  1. Congratulations Joshua! Darn solid choice to include you in the judging panel, and an opportunity to influence the quality and approach to photography which I know you’re very passionate about.


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