Photo of the Month December 2016 – King Penguins on the Move

This morning I returned home to Australia after two incredible back-to-back expeditions to the Emperor Penguins in a remote part of Antarctica and a South Georgia / Antarctic Peninsula expedition on board Polar Pioneer. I will have full trip reports on both expeditions in the coming weeks (once I catch up on my back log and overcome another bought of jet lag). In the meantime, I wanted to post up the belated December photograph of the month (and final image for the 2016 year). This particular photograph was taken on my South Georgia expedition last year (November 2015 – Read the Full Report) and is of King Penguins all in a row and on the march (or belly slide) to the water. It was snowing heavily when I made this photograph. What really appeals to me about this image is not just the gesture and position of the penguins, but also the abstract nature of the mountain snow patterns in the background and the monochromatic pallet. There is just the slightest hint of yellow in the Penguins to give away that this is a colour photograph. I chose the background when I was composing the photograph and made a series of images as the King Penguins moved through the scene. The photograph scored a coveted Silver with Distinction at the 2016 Australian Professional Photography Awards.SouthGeorgia2015-8201-Edit

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