Really Right Stuff Feature – How to Choose an Expedition to Antarctica

Really Right Stuff have just published Part One and Part Two of a multi-part series of articles I recently penned on how to choose the right Photographic Expedition to Antarctica. If you are considering a future photographic expedition to Antarctica I highly recommend you take a few minutes out of your day to ensure you make the right decisions when you choose your expedition. Arming yourself with the information in this series will ensure you maximise your own photographic opportunities.My own expedition to Antarctica this November (Antarctica – White Nature) is long sold out; but if you are interested in travelling on a future expedition you can register your interest by dropping me an email. I will not be offering a standard Antarctica Peninsula expedition in 2018 due to my commitment to the Antarctic Emperor Penguin expedition; however, I may have a future offering for November 2019 and will have more details on this expedition later this year.

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