Extraordinary Vision Magazine Features The Art of Polar Bear Photography

The latest issue #65 of Extraordinary Vision magazine features one of my favourite Polar Bear photographs (from Svalbard in Winter) on the front cover and and includes an article I recently penned on the Art of Polar Bear Photography. If you are not a subscriber I highly recommend checking out Extraordinary Vision. It remains one of the best digital magazines on photography for the iPad and is a continued source of great inspiration. If you are keen to photograph Polar Bears in the wild you can register you interest in one of the few remaining places on my Svalbard Winter expedition next March by dropping me an email. A detailed PDF with costs and itinerary can be downloaded HERE. Places are filled on a first come, first served basis.

2 thoughts on “Extraordinary Vision Magazine Features The Art of Polar Bear Photography

  1. hi joshua

    EV#65 – i seem to be late to the game again and it looks as though EV has collapsed. and i so wanted to read your article on photographing ursus maritmus. i’ve had my up close encounters in NE greenland (ittoqqortoormiit) but am heading to svalbard in may 2018.
    i’m having no success trying to buy copies of EV – sure looks like a magazine i would have loved – but is there a way i can purchase/access/copy your article?
    i’m guessing you are in antarctica right now (hey, i stayed at the don felipe hotel too – twice, in fact) so not expecting a speedy response to this.


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