Wildlife Photographic Magazine Cover Shot and Feature Article July 2018

The latest issue of Wildlife Photographic Magazine (issue #32), features an article I recently penned on the Art of Polar Bear photography. The issue also sports one of my Polar Bear photographs as the cover image. The magazine can be found in the Apple App Store http://bit.ly/1aKP3qR and in the Google Play Store at http://bit.ly/1JOhMcW

You can get a free 3-month subscription, which will allow access to the current issue as well as any other issues released during this time. You will also then have access to these issues beyond their free trial (for as long as  you have the app installed on your device). Unlike most, this free subscription does NOT carry forward as an auto renew when finished – so you can enjoy three free months without worrying about an auto renew that will dip into your pocket. The only way you would be charged is if you come back at a later date and subscribe using the standard method. To get your 3-month free subscription:

Download Wildlife Photographic from the Apple App Store  http://bit.ly/1aKP3qR or on Google Play http://bit.ly/1JOhMcW

Tap ‘Subscribe’ on the app home page

Tap ‘Current Subscribers’ from the drop down menu

Enter code    3monthjul18

This code will be available to use until August 31st.

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