Wildlife Photographic Magazine Walrus Cover Shot Jan / Feb 2023

The just-published January / February 2023 issue of Wildlife Photographic magazine includes one of my photographs of Walrus on the front cover and a feature article on my experiences photographing Walrus in the Arctic – ‘Beauty in the Beast.’ This is the sixth time I have been published in Wildlife Photographic and the fifth time I have been fortunate to score the cover shot! (the last four cover shot editions were on Grey Wolf PhotographyPallas Cat Photography,  Arctic Fox Photography, and Polar Bear Photography). I have also been published in Wildlife Photographic for my Emperor Penguin photography.

The magazine can be found in the Apple App Store http://bit.ly/1aKP3qR and in the Google Play Store at http://bit.ly/1JOhMcW

Please use the following link to get three free issues!  Free Subscription to Wildlife Photographic Magazine

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