Photo of the Month August 2019 – Reindeer Face Off

The photograph of the month for August 2019 comes from my winter snow mobile expedition to Svalbard earlier this year (Read the Trip Report) and is of two Reindeer facing off for a small patch of turf during a heavy blizzard in the wilds of the Svalbard winter landscape. This was a very difficult photograph to make with strong blowing snow and extreme cold in very difficult conditions. Although I pre-visualised the exact moment I wanted in relation to the juxtaposition of the Reindeer I had to move very quickly to secure the shot. Depth of field, shutter speed, camera angle and split second timing were all critical capture the moment of eye connection between the animals with perfect leg and body placement. It was also critical to maintain separation of the antlers. This photograph was part of my winning portfolio of images for the 2019 Victorian AIPP Epson Nature Photographer of the Year.

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