Self Isolation Day Four – Gyr Falon on Goose Kill

Day four of mandatory self isolation includes a photograph I made this February of a young female Gyr Falcon on the south west coast of Iceland. I have been wanting to photograph Gyr Falcon in Iceland for literally years and finally a few days after the completion of my Arctic Fox workshop this year (Read the Trip Report) I was fortunate to have a great opportunity with this young bird on a Greylag goose kill. We had spotted the bird on the kill from some distance away with binoculars and were able to sneak too within 600mm range by crawling along the snow on our stomachs behind a snow bank. Once I peeked out to shoot the falcon the bird immediately spotted me and took off. I was able to squeeze off just three frames from my 1DX MK3 (at 16 FPS) before the bird was gone.

The photograph was taken hand held with the brand new Canon EOS 1DX MK3 with the Canon 600mm F24L IS MK3.  Camera Settings: ISO800 f6.3, 1/1000th of a second.

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