Polar Bears of Svalbard 2021 Delayed

As has become an all too familiar occurrence over the course of this pandemic, the 2021 Polar Bears of Svalbard expedition planned for this July is being delayed until 2022. Although we now have quite a few different approved vaccines across the globe, the rollout of them has been agonisingly slow (especially in Australia and much of Europe). Australia’s international boarders remain firmly closed at present and although it is possible for me to leave the country on legitimate business I would have to do so without a vaccine at present; quarantine in Norway and then quarantine again on my return to Australia in a state facility (I would much rather quarantine with the Polar bears). Additionally, and of major consideration, is the ongoing restriction of 50% ship passenger capacity in Svalbard and Norway that make it logistically impossible to proceed at this point.

The new dates for the expedition are July 6th – July 15th 2022. Let us hope we can all safely get back to travel, photography and a sense of normality long before then. In the meantime, both myself and the shipping company remain committed to the expedition, ensuring we provide the best possible experience and we are looking forward to our new dates.

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