Finland Winter Wildlife Workshop February 2022

Next February 2022 I am offering a very special winter wildlife workshop to northern Finland for Wolves, Wolverines, Otters and Arctic bird species. Arctic bird species will include, Golden Eagles, White-Tailed Sea Eagles, Arctic Jays, Siberian Jays, Crested and Siberian Tits, Great Spotted, Green and Black Woodpeckers and more. There is also always the chance of Hawk Owl, Pygmy Owl and Great Grey Owls as well and we will look for these amongst the other species.

For this workshop we will be based in two different remote locations in the north of Finland. We will start our workshop several hours north of Kajaani where we will be based in cozy rustic cabins in a remote forest bordering Russia. Here we will use hides to photograph Wolves, Wolverine and many of the Arctic bird species in no-mans land between Finland and Russia. This time of year the bears will be in hibernation, but the forest will be a wonderful frozen back-drop for the wildlife.

We will then move location outside of Kuusamo where we will be based for the duration of the workshop. In this region we will use dedicated hides for Golden Eagle as well as look for both Hawk Owl, Pygmy Owl and Great Grey Owls. Otters will also be present along the edges of the local lakes and depending on conditions we may spend some time photographing both Otters and Dippers along the edge of the frozen lakes.

This workshop is for a limited number of just five participants (only three places remaining). If you are keen to travel to Finland in winter and experience the incredible wildlife in the frozen forests then please just drop me an email to register your interest or for more information. Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis.

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