Thoughts Turning to the Wilds of Finland 2021

After more than 18 months of workshop and expedition postponements there is finally a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel beyond the oncoming COVID train! (which definitely seems to still be stopping all stations with the Delta variant) With both does of Pfizer vaccine (now 5G Capable!) and my travel permit now approved by border force here in Australia (if you want to hear more about this be sure to check out episode 11 of my podcast) I will be making my way to northern Finland early this October to lead my Wolves and Wolverines workshop (all fingers and toes crossed!). This workshop was originally slated for 2020, but as a result of the pandemic had to be pushed back until this year. Now, with restrictions easing in Finland and my travel permit in place, it is finally possible to get back into the wild wilderness of northern Finland.

Finland has rapidly become one of my favourite destinations on earth for wildlife photography and I am really excited to get back to its stunning wild forests. It has been a long time between visits and I have very much missed being out in Nature with the Wolves and Wolverines. This particular area of northern Finland is without doubt one of the best places on earth to photograph wild wolves and wolverines. At this time of year in late Autumn / early Winter, the leaves will be golden yellow and the first snows of winter will be beginning to fall. Situated in no-mans land between Finland and Russia, the backdrop is absolutely ideal to photograph these amazing predators. Perhaps, best of all, we are located in a completely isolated and private area – we have it completely to ourselves.

As the weeks count down toward this workshop my thoughts are starting to turn to what equipment I will take with me as well as beginning the important mental preparations for a return to leading workshops. I will do a seperate post and/or podcast on what equipment I plan to take with me but for now my plan is to take both my Canon EOS 1DXMK3’s as my primary cameras, along with my Go Pro for some video. Unfortunately, it is unlikely I will be able to lay my hands on one of the new (not yet formally announced) Canon EOS R3 mirrorless cameras before I depart (It seems the Olympics has snagged all the pre-production test models).

I will be offering this workshop again in Winter 2022 for a very limited number of just five participants (two places already sold). If you would like to get the jump on securing of of the remaining places just drop me an email.

If you cant make the workshop, but would still like to experience the majesty and beauty of Finlands wild wolves be sure to check out my Fine Art Book – Never Cry Wolf available for sale through my online store Melrakki Publishing.

The photograph below of a young wolf from my ground level hide in no-mans land on the border between Finland and Russia. Taken during my 2019 workshop and shot with the Canon EOS 1DX MK2 (I had not yet taken delivery of the MK3) and the Canon 600mm f4L IS MK3.

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