WNPP Episode #11 COVID Status in Australia and Workshop Update July 2021

I have just published Episode #11 of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. In this podcast episode, we talk about the current state of the ongoing pandemic here in Australia, as well as the very strict COVID travel restrictions that are currently in place for international travel into and out of Australia.  We also talk about both the upcoming sold-out Wolves and Wolverines workshop this October in northern Finland, the sold-out expedition to Ellesmere Island in March 2022, as well as two recent articles on Adobe Lightroom ISO specific Noise Reduction pre-sets for the Canon EOS 1DXMK3 and why Sharpening pre-sets are sub-optimal in Lightroom if ultimate image quality is your goal.

Adobe Lightroom ISO-Specifc Noise Reduction Pre-Sets

Adobe Lightroom Capture Sharpening Pre-Sets

The Adobe Lightroom ISO-specific Noise Reduction Pre-sets are available to purchase for $10 through my online store Melrakki publishing. If you have travelled with me on a workshop or expedition and would like a copy of the pre-sets please email me directly and I will make them available to you for free.

4 thoughts on “WNPP Episode #11 COVID Status in Australia and Workshop Update July 2021

  1. Hi Josh

    I would love a copy of the noise reduction presets – my thinking being that they are likely to be a very good starting point for my three different sony bodies – a7r3, a9 and a1. Would you agree with the concept (I note the noise performance is reasonably similar in DXO mark data)?

    Regards Rob



  2. Hi Rob, Happy to share them with you and will send them over shortly. They ‘may’ be ok as a starting point for the Sony cameras, but will need some tweaking to be optimal as the Sonys have a very different sensor.


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