Finland Wolves and Wolverines Workshop 2021 Sold Out

In episode eleven of my podcast I made mention that my Finland workshop this October for Wolves and Wolverines is now sold out. This will be the first workshop or expedition I have been able to run overseas since I was forced to cut short my Winter Greenland expedition for Polar Bears and Musk Ox (Read the Trip Report) because of the steam rolling pandemic. It was a really tough decision to cut the Greenland expedition short, but with Greenland closing to all air traffic there was no alternative but to beat a hasty retreat back to Iceland and on back to Australia. As it turned out, I arrived back into the country on the last commercial flight before mandatory hotel quarantine. Since then, I have been forced to delay and push back a number of different workshops as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

Now, with travel restrictions finally easing in Finland and with a permit in place for travel outside of Australia I can again get back to what I love most – sharing time in the field with like minded and passionate photographers who want to make great wildlife and Nature photographs. On this workshop our target species are Wolves and Wolverines, but we are also likely to encounter bears (there may yet be some not in hibernation as winter approaches), white-tailed sea eagles, Arctic Jays, Siberian Jays, Crested and Siberian Tits, Great Spotted, Green and Black Woodpeckers and more.

As we inch closer to the departure date this October I plan to do a couple of posts and podcasts on what equipment, clothing and gear I am taking with me as well as how I mentally prepare myself for both leading a group of photographers on a workshop such as this and on preparing for my own photography after a long hiatus away from the camera.

For 2022 I am offering this workshop in the depths of Finlands winter (February 18th – February 25th). The bears will be in hibernation, but the landscape will be blanketed in snow and ice. Winter offers shorter days than Autumn, and much colder temperatures, but the pay off is well worth this small sacrifice with frozen forests making the ideal backdrop for winter wildlife. I will have more to say about Finland in winter in a future post and podcast. Several places on this workshop are already booked and there are only three places remaining before the trip will be sold out.

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