Departing for Iceland and Finland 2022

The time has arrived to begin my travel schedule for the year and very shortly I will be making my way to Melbourne airport for the long haul flights to Iceland for my 2022 Arctic Fox Expedition and then onto Finland for my Winter Wolf workshop. I have to say, it is nice to finally be able to leave Australia again without having to wade through the fetid waters of home affairs and border force bureaucracy to obtain permission. Thankfully, both Iceland and Finland have relatively straightforward common sense entry requirements that should see a smooth transit (I hope!).

One real ‘travel’ positive is the requirement for an expensive negative PCR test for the airline has been removed and the results of a supervised RAT test are now sufficient to enter both Iceland and Finland. Thankfully, this RAT test can now be taken at Melbourne Airport for under $60 – a far more palatable solution to the $300 PCR test.

I plan to try and podcast with updates along the way whenever time permits. See you in Iceland!

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