Arrived Iceland Winter 2022 to a Winter Storm

Around midnight yesterday I arrived in Iceland after the long haul from Australia; this time via Doha and Copenhagen. The flights were more or less uneventful; although it is still very clear that there is a global pandemic underway – mask-wearing being mandatory on flights and through airports. I could have done without the six and a half hour layover in Copenhagen; but at least the COVID entry requirements into Iceland were negotiated without issue. I managed to sneak into Iceland only minutes ahead of a big storm that is now raging across the south-east. Wind speeds inexcess of thirty metres per second mean roads are closed and there will be very little activity today.

My plan for today was to head out of town with my good friend Daniel Bergmann to try and photograph a Gyr Falcon that has been coming regularly to a particular location not far from town. The storm has unfortunately destroyed that notion though and currently road travel is not safe. It will instead be a day of cafe hoping and coffee drinking.

Regardless of the weather, it is absolutely wonderful to be back in Iceland. It feels like an eon ago I was here; even though it was only early 2020 (just two years ago). In fact, Iceland was actually my last port of call before the pandemic took full hold across the planet and shut everything down.

Tomorrow I will be making my way north (weather permitting) to Isafjord and then onto the Hornstrandir Nature reserve via charter boat for my Arctic Fox workshop. I am very much looking forward to getting back to the reserve and the foxes. I will be off-grid for the better part of a week while in the reserve. Stay safe and well.

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