Photograph of the Month November 2022 Greenland Ice and Fire

The photograph of the month for November 2022 comes from one of my recent Greenland East Coast Scoresby Sund expeditions (Read the Trip Report) and is of a gigantic iceberg in soft fog at sunset. Photographed from zodiac, we were extremely fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to be able to take advantage of not only the beautiful iceberg but the soft fog that was being burned off by the setting sun. These kinds of situations are highly dynamic and change from moment to moment. In this instance, I had our zodiac driver position us off the prow of the iceberg to give us the most depth in the iceberg (looking down both flanks) and to help hide the sun behind the iceberg. This helps backlight the soft fog and gives the impression the iceberg is burning from within. It was shot with the Canon 14-35mm RF F4L IS zoom lens on the Canon EOS R3. Wide-angle zoom lenses are ideal for this type of photography that is highly dynamic.

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