BenQ Webinar Post Production of Ice and Snow

For those of you who were keen to tune into my webinar last night for BenQ on the post-production of RAW photographs with Ice and Snow, you can now access the webinar on-demand on YouTube. My thanks again to BenQ for putting on the session and recording it for those who could not make it. Likewise, thank you to all those who attended and provided such fantastic positive feedback.

Just some of the feedback received by attendees:

“Loved the way he went through the various sliders in LR, explaining some pros & cons.”

“Yes. I got many useful ideas and Joshua explained very well why he does his edits in particular ways.”

“Yes, absolutely. I appreciated that Joshua explicitly demonstrated how he edited his images and why.  It was useful to know how to add emotion in the landscape and wildlife images.”

“Joshua is an awesome photographer and the experience that he shares with the common button pusher is information that most of us can not miss out on.”

“Yes, very helpful.  Have learned heaps of processing tips”

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