Mungo Trip – The Walls of China

I am leaving tomorrow morning for a few days landscape and wilderness photography in the far north of Victoria at Mungo, the Walls of China and Perry Sandhills with a probable stop off in Mildura. I have not been to any of these locations before for photography. The Walls of China at Mungo are supposed to be quite scenic and I have seen some pretty good photography come out of this area so have my fingers crossed for some good weather and light. The timing is otherwise excellent with a full moon and relatively clear Autumn skies.

Its a good six hour plus drive from my house to Mungo and then around 70 kilometres of dirt road to get into the main camp area. I am told the road is usually closed during or just after heavy rain so I am hoping the weather is on my side. I am taking my full Canon and lenses kit (except the 85mm F1.2L) as well as all the necessary camp equipment for a few days stay. Mobile phone and internet reception is supposed to be non existent at Mungo (I am not sure about Perry Sanhills) so probably wont be able to post any updates from the field.

The Making of a Canon Super Telephoto L Series Lens

The first time a new photographer encounters the price tag on some of Canon’s super telephoto lenses they quite often suffer from sticker shock at the price of entry. Just why does it cost more than $6000 Australian dollars for a 300mm F2.8L lens, more than $8000 for a 500mm F4 and more than a whopping $15,000 for an 800mm F5.6 lens?

These three videos show just what goes into the construction of the Canon EF 500mm F4L IS USM lens and gives a greater appreciation of the complex construction process, attention to quality and cost of ownership.

Canon Lens Production – Part One

Canon Lens Production – Part Two

Canon Lens Production – Part Three

New Zealand – The North Western Arch

One of my favourite places in New Zealand is the small village of Kaikoura on the East Coast of the South Island. This tranquil, peaceful fishing village has simply the most stunning and spectacular sunrises I have ever experienced. Set against the Southern Alps Kaikoura offers not only amazing opportunities for landscape photography, but also Sperm whale, Sea Lion and Dolphin photography; all of which are quite accessible by local charter.  If you have ever seen the 1983 Scottish film Local Hero and can remember the small fishing village in which it is set, then you have a pretty good idea of what Kaikoura is like (at least that is the feeling and memory I have from the place).

This photograph was taken seconds before sunrise and includes the Southern Alps in the background with the amazing North Western Arch cloud formation brilliantly lit with dawn colour – that colour is real! Lenticular clouds, formed by high winds are just hovering over the distant peaks. In a large print you can clearly see the spindrift coming off the tops of the peaks and the ocean spray on the horizon.

Iceland Volcano Update – Katla is Stirring

HISZ RSOE is reporting that there is volcanic activity at Katla! Things are moving very fast indeed! There is as yet no further detail, but I will update as soon as I see that they have added more information.

Edit – Approx 12 hours on and no further updates. Webcams show pretty good visibility.

Edit – Another 12 hours on and still no more news out of Iceland about Katla. There have been no more reported earthquakes on HISZ RSOE

Is it over?